About us

AmbeRound is a Lithuanian brand that was born out of our love for Baltic amber, its authenticity, our pursuit of diligence and a passion for jewelry.

We are a family owned and operated business with over 10 years of manufacturing experience. AmbeRound offers one of the largest selections of Baltic amber jewelry for children in Europe. We use only the premium quality raw materials and pay special attention to quality for our customers to enjoy. In our assortment you will find various jewelry for children and adults.

Each piece of amber is carefully selected and processed to give you the perfect piece of jewelry! We are ready to help you, provide more information about our amber articles and choose the right piece of jewelry.

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Genuine Baltic amber is certified by the Lithuanian Assay Office Gemmological testing laboratory. It's 100 % genuine Baltic amber.

We DO NOT use plastic amber imitation or pressed amber.

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Please see how each piece of Baltic amber is carefully processed and how much love we put into it. 💛

From Baltic amber raw material to finished products, such as bracelets & necklaces items. The manufacturing process typically involves several steps: careful selection of raw materials, sawing, grinding. polishing, drilling holes, sorting.

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